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    Most of the time, there will be no gift for your mother's gift. A mother is never in this sense an expectation. Sometimes just one sentence is enough or a flower. But those who want to confuse her mother can buy the following gifts for their mother;

    If you have the financial means, a pearl necklace will look very elegant in the neck of your mother, and a memorial of yours will always carry with her. They also give great importance to kitchens and saloon items. In this context, a porcelain set, a spoon, a fork, a knife set will also make them happy. A frame or collage of your images with him can also be a delightful gift choice.

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    Best Costume Design Award ' are the owner of "Jackie" in the film with the work of costume designer Madeline Fontaine was. Natalie Portman 's costumes, which portrayed Kennedy in the film about the life of Jackie Kennedy , wife of the former president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy , became the focus of fashion world. Previously Yves Saint Laurent and Amélie films also preparing costumes Madeline Fontaine, Jackie said he examined photographs of the costumes for the film while researching that period. Fontaine, who said he worked 10 weeks with his team to prepare his costumes before filming , used up to 10 costumes for Jackie Kennedy's character . In the film , there were two costumes that attracted the most attention and were spoken . One was the red suit which was also used in the film poster. A red color wool jacket and skirt Dior suit and pearl necklace were used as an example of the clothes Kennedy wore during his trip to Canada .

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    Chanel inspired

    The two-piece teams were pieces that Jackie preferred daily. Skirt suit sets also preferred pastel colors. Many brands like Chanel, Dior and Gucci inspired their one-piece designs from Jackie.

    Large glasses

    The big sunglasses helped to protect Jackie's mystery. Gucci exhibited these glasses at the Spring Summer 2017.

    Pearl necklace

    Many of Jackie's notes were imitation. He would not use too much jewelry. But three rows of pearls were his signature. This last touch gave him a nobility.

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    Eleanor Rosalynn Carter, wife of US President Jimmy Carter, who was in office between 1977 and 1981, was both the closest adviser and the greatest supporter of his wife. The first lady was in her mind with a very conservative way of dressing. Carter, who was acclaimed for his high throat clothes and pastel colors, preferred to complete his outfits mostly with pearl necklaces.

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    Although it is not the most precious stone in the world, it has a very special and meaningful place for women. The pearl is a word that is rarely found and used in the most precious sense. The time we look at as a jewelery attracts attention as one of the types of jewelry that tells a great love. Pearl jewelry sets attract attention as one of the most precious precious jewelry types in the world. We have brought together the most valuable pearls of the world for you
    In New York's Magnificent Jewels, this three-stringed penny is worth $ 1.4 million, which is sold at an auction through "a unique and beautiful popular showcase." The grade has a mastery stitch of natural hurt.

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    If I have been wearing the corsets for many years now, if the part where the ends are should actually come back, I guess no one who has seen the most dominant jewel trend in recent times of red carpet invitations can object. In the past week, Anne Hathaway's back collar, a cradle from a movie star Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Lawrence to Sienna Miller,
    adorns the decollete of many famous stars.
    Besides, there are many reasons to love them. First of all, they make the costumes of women who love backpackers more striking. If you are a heavy jeweler that you wear, you have to keep your shoulders behind to make sure they are steeper. Clips, neck and neck, especially designed to be a back collar, but of course, a classic long collar to reverse wearing will certainly work.

    Although the back collar is a re-discovered and different-looking trend for young Hollywood stars, it's actually long in our lives. Audrey Hepburn's pearl necklace with the famous black dress in the "Breakfast at Tiffany" film, the beautiful actress, was not only tiny but also adorned her back. After this image in the 60's, Princess Diana became the first to attract attention with her back collar. In 1985, "Return to the Future" was spoken with the pearl back collar, which embellished the decollete of the burgundy dress worn by the film. Nicole Kidman 's In Chanel No.5 campaign is also worth mentioning.

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    from the ostrich You can present this unique gift to your beloved because it comes on your birthday, anniversary or just for you. A silver necklace with real pearls and a real necklace are offered to your loved ones out of the oyster.

    living necklace Living cresents are unique gifts in their own right. Think of a necklace of flowers that are made of real flowers that do not fade, so tell your love to your love.

    With a clover in it is a unique gift that you can present as a romantic note to your lover, "You are my greatest chance".

    Everyone is happy to remember, to think. It reminds us of how much we love and gives us another reason to be happy.

    The surprise is not the big one, it's the intention. But there are some that raise the crotch so much that it remains like a small detail alongside your surprise. While the room is full of roses, nobody can avail himself with a dry word. He wants the best of what he can, within the possibilities.

    " The surprise is nice to be expensive " because if you have a perception, change it immediately. Because not surprised at the value of materiality in spirituality it is. How much you think about this topic or how much time you spend on it. Also a surprise gift, not tradition - the sender adds prestige and imrendirir.

    I will come flying out of happiness with your loved ones coming out of jealousy around you; Flower basket gifts to take out the sieve!

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    She is the daughter of a father of jewelery. Assistant Professor of Sociology , Istanbul Kemerburgaz University. Assoc. Dr. Fatoş Altınbaş Sarıgül is also a Board Member of Altınbaş Holding. In his book titled "A Transformation Story-Handmade Jewelery Masters", Sarıgül tells the story of the jewelery masters finely processed and arrived at the showcases. It expresses and warns that this historical profession, which has made the texture of the Grand Bazaar since the 15th century, is now a matter of tarihe. The work, a product of a two-year study, deals with the journey of jewelers and jewelery masters from a different point of view. If the police come Book disabled children receiving treatment and rehabilitation, Bağcılar is perfectly located for Life Sharing and Solidarity Association '

    How did your interest in jeweler mastery begin?

    The emergence of my book began when I did research for my doctoral dissertation. While writing this thesis, I was in search of a topic that I was curious about in the topic selection and which had never been explored before. I had the chance to meet the jewelers at places I worked in the Grand Bazaar before. I could hear the repetition of masters such as, "We can not find an apprentice, we can not compete, master-apprentice relationship ends". I wanted to investigate why this profession has been done for centuries. At the same time we were our family business and I got support from them. I saw 28 competitors in the Grand Bazaar. Some are still not doing this, some are branded. I spoke to people in different profiles. I supported both with scientific analysis and completed my dissertation and found this book writing.

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    There are only kingdoms ruled by women; It is an empire that has never been warned, strong and always victorious. Ever since they were ruled here, they have become the guardians of a tremendous treasure. They have the power to prevail in the toughest wars, without even having to fight at all ... Power comes from magical beauty, noble and charm. They are the admirable rulers of the women's world.

    Adler is once again signing the concept of beauty with a unique piece called "Regalia" with different faces. In your heart is an exceptional tanzanite decorated with diamonds. Having a deep and dense dark blue color, this precious stone is sliding over the pearls and tanninite waterfalls to find the perfect spot on the décolletage. If desired, it can also turn into a ring. In a more modest state of mind, it still leaves a "diamond" with a splendid stance ... Again different, powerful and personal.

    Regalia is an authentic jewel masterpiece in the glorious kingdom of women. It's like a queen who wants to spread the prestige of her grace to the rest of the world.

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    There are many kinds of diamond earring models which are a unique gift for women who show love . Drop shapes are among the most preferred models especially in our cube decorated with branch and leaf patterns. The circles at the ends of the branches, the hearts created with the branches, the black colored stones in the drops, and the models attracting attention are presented in our showcases. We use both white and yellow in the use of gold, while we also offer both yellow and white colors of the same models. We also bring ruby ​​mine to you while you can not avoid using raw diamonds. Mercan Ziya Göral, one of the rare companies that use diamonds and ruby ​​together, attracts attention with its brown diamonds. Pearl swords are among the most preferred jewelry gifts such as pearl necklaces and rings. Especially in the rocking ear models, leaf and straight rope models are used intensively while in the non-rocking models, you will come across the ivy model very much. You will meet the most beautiful models of the year 2015 and you will be amazed with our designs with different types of pearls used on different seasons. If you want to shop at a company that is the first address of those who can not give up, you are in the right place. You can find hundreds of different models on our site that you can find a model for everyone younger, you can order to give your loved ones a gift. You might like any of the classic earring models, stone, diamond, ragged or single stone models. Or you may love both of them. Can not find your style earring appropriate? I think you have not met us yet. Do not say "I do not like earrings" without looking at Mercan Ziya Göral earrings models. There is a model that you will surely like in hundreds of dishes. We have the courage to use ruby ​​rubles and rubies at the same time. We are pioneering the weaker company that can use diamonds and pearls. If you are looking for a gift or you want to use it on special occasions, you are in the right place. Welcome!

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    The natural stones, which have been the focus of human beings with their colors and sparkles since centuries, are healing sources at the same time. Healing Stone Consultant Stone Scientist Havva Incekara explained the healing effect of natural stones which are both mineral and energy cube.

    From the Aztecs to Ancient Egypt, from Islamic geography to China and to Ancient Greece, has been and continues to be a center of attraction for centuries with its colors, sparkles and healing effects. Sometimes symbol of spiritual power and purity, sometimes symbol of healing, protection, success or status. So only the stones that have not functioned as accessories. We can support or heal every living area that we are weak like health, success, career, love, family with natural stone energies. However, because natural stones are mineral at the same time, there is a complementary effect to some mineral deficiencies in the human body in terms of health.

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